Phonics System

“Your Child Will Learn to Read at Grade Level or Above in 4 Months or Less … Guaranteed”

In as little as 10 minutes per day, your child can go from beginning reader to proficient reader and love every second of the learning experience.

You’ll be surprised at just how quickly your son or daughter develops the skills for (and a true love of) reading.

99 level set

35 alphabet

Learn To Read With This Phonics Based Reading System

This phonics-based program lets kids learn to read by sounding out words and practicing what they’ve just been taught. Each lesson targets a single sound for an intense session designed to be remembered. To keep it interesting, the sound itself as well as several words, complete sentences and even short stories all focus on the same sound. As he or she begins to understand the basics of phonics, your child will see rapid improvement, something you’ll both be proud of.

The Skip and Daisy Phonics Based Reading Program is not centered on mere word recognition like other programs. It’s been proven that memorization does not equate to reading. Your child will learn to read by quickly mastering the phonics method that instills the ability to sound out any word encountered.

With each level achieved, your child’s reading abilities and overall self-confidence soar!